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Water & Sewer Line Repair Experts in Olympia, Lacey, and Tumwater WA.

Olympic Plumbing Technology should be your go-to company whenever you are looking for an expert plumber in Olympia Washington. We are a reputable full-service, family-owned plumbing company that specializes in providing a variety of services. Apart from fixing leaking water lines, we also do kitchen and bathroom remodeling, water heater repair and replacement as well as drain cleaning. Our experience exceeds ten years, and the quality of our services is exceptional. One of our primary goals is to ensure that you are fully satisfied, and you get to enjoy our competitive rates.

Waterline Repair & Service

As a homeowner, you should prioritize looking for an expert plumber in Olympia, Washington to help you maintain your water line. The water line is responsible for pushing the water to all of your fixtures and ensuring that there is a constant supply of water running into your house. If these water lines are not inspected and a leak sprouts, it could cost you a lot of money down the road to fix.

For instance, a leak can lead to flooding in various rooms or areas in your house that can cause water damage and mold. Having water leaks can be pretty challenging to clean up after to ensure no mold is going to grow in your walls or ceiling.

Low Water Pressure?

A low water pressure problem is common in many homes in Olympia, WA. What you need to understand is that it occurs because of different underground water line problems, and fixing them is the only way to change the situation. Here are examples of such issues.

1. Leaks

A leak can happen anywhere in your waterline, and it is one of the leading causes of low water pressure. The first step of knowing how to take care of this problem is confirming that it is indeed the reason why there is low water pressure in your house. You can do this by checking whether the issue has affected the entire plumbing system or just a particular area in your home.

Should you think that the problem is in multiple locations, turn off all your water taps and read your water meter to note the used gallons. After about 20-45 minutes, turn on the taps and do not use the water. Then, recheck your meter. If the number of gallons that you have used has changed, a leak is causing the low water pressure problem.

2. Clogged Pipes

Drains are not the only things that can clog. Underground water pipes also can, and it may reduce the water pressure. You might not be able to fix this problem alone because it can be at any location beneath your home. Due to lack of experience, you may end up worsening the issue or even contaminating the water pipes. It begs the need to call an experienced plumber in Olympia to help you out.

3. Corroded Pipes

This is another underground waterline issue that can cause low water pressure. Most galvanized steel pipes come with an expiration date, and you might know little about it if you have just moved into your new home. Hence, once they start corroding from the inside, they prevent the water from flowing. To get rid of this issue, search for an affordable water line repair service to replace the piping.

Bearing in mind that Olympia Plumbing Technology has been offering water line repair and replacement services for many years, you should call us whenever you have underground water line problems. We have the expertise to fix any water line issue, and our rates are pocket-friendly. We offer on-site consulting services to all our potential clients. Call us to find out more.