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The Cautious Consumer

By July 1, 2017November 6th, 2022No Comments

Beware products that advertise ease at the expense of your plumbing

There are lots of products available today to make cleaning easier. They help with making perfect measurements, quickly freshening rooms and providing a more thorough, personal clean. However, many of these products require careful review and consideration before use as they can have negative effects on the plumbing and appliances in your home as well. Here are just a few examples.

In-Tank Toilet Cleaner: Drop in tablets were introduced in the over a decade ago as a quick and simple solution for cleaning toilets. However, after a time, toilet manufacturers noticed an increase of repair calls on new toilets. The damage was not shown to be wear from use but from the chemicals in the drop in cleaner. The plastic and rubber parts, such as the gaskets, washers and flappers, were highly susceptible to the alkaline in the bleach tablets which also made the other parts age before their time. And the longer a tablet sat in a tank, the more damage it would do. If not dissolved before use, however, they can get stuck in the valve. Because of this, these are not recommended for use as the damage outweighs the convenience.
Laundry Pods: Another quick cleaning solution, laundry pods have been around for decades but liquid pods have only helped to reach the height of their popularity within the last decade. However, there have been some reports of of them not dissolving entirely and clogging up the washer drains. Different water types and temperatures, along with the certain brands or improper use, have all been cited as reason for the failure. If you do chose to use these products, make sure you do the research and select the best brand available for your individual settings and carefully read the directions. Also, avoid using more than needed or over-stuffing the washer with clothing.
Flushable Wipes: Probably the most commonly known cause of plumbing troubles, flushable wipes are also the most difficult to combat as they are misleadingly named. Wipes like these, even when advertised as such, are not flushable. They are one of the top contributors to clogs not only in the home but in sewer systems as well. Though flushable wipes are not necessary, if they are prefered, provide a trash bin with a lid as an alternative to flushing them down the toilet to prevent clogs.

If these products are already in the home and you have questions or concerns about potential damages, don’t hesitate to reach out to your local plumbing expert. Olympic Plumbing Technologies is ready and able to tackle all of you plumbing-related concerns.