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Stranger Things

By January 28, 2017November 6th, 2022No Comments

Just a few examples of the crazy things plumbers have found on the job

While clogged toilets may be fairly common, the source of the problem isn’t always as simple. Plumbers around the country have reported all sorts of stories about fishing out odd or rare items that disappear down the drain.

Dropping items while using the restroom is fairly common, but some very expensive jewelry has had to be saved. In Arizona, a diamond ring valued at over $70,000 was accidentally flushed down a diner toilet. It took eight hours, utilizing a jackhammer and an infrared camera and removing several pipes, before the item was successfully returned to its owner.

In Texas, a plumber working at an airport noticed an out of order sign on one of the restroom stalls. After an unsuccessful attempt with a snake, he tried channel locks which clamped onto – and cracked – the item. Even being the day after Easter, it was still a bit surprising to find a purple, hard boiled egg had been accidentally hidden in the plumbing.

In Mississippi, a plumber made an unintended historical discovery while assisting a customer with their toilet. A cannon shell was found that is said to have required an Army Ordnance disposal team to remove. Historians later dated the shell back to the beginning of the Civil War.

Though accidents do happen, it’s always a good practice to make sure nothing goes down the drain other than waste and toilet paper. Make sure that your cell phones, jewelry and other personal items are secured or put away while using the restroom. If that fails, Olympic Plumbing is always available to rescue any lost effects – and, of course, your toilet!