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Have you heard of the ‘no-dig sewer repair?’ This is trenchless sewer replacement, which can be an efficient way of fixing your home sewer system. However, you need to take the proper preparation steps to reap all the benefits of this replacement. 

Addressing sewer problems as soon as possible is important to avoid health issues related to issues such as sewer overflows. Plus, sewer problems offer the opportunity to upgrade to a trenchless sewer option. 

If you’re considering a trenchless home sewer system, then you must take steps to prepare your home and plumbing system. Read on to learn what steps you need to take.

Plan Ahead 

During a trenchless sewer replacement, you cannot access your home sewer system or water. Plan to send family members, such as your children, to a friend’s home and have some water accessible. You should also plan to complete chores such as the laundry, gardening, and washing cars in advance.

Clear the Space for Sewer Replacement

Avoid possible delays to your sewer replacement by preparing the space in advance. You will know the service access point as your professional contractor would have evaluated your area in advance. You can then move any obstructions or debris out of the way of the sewer line, so the team can get straight to work.

If any tree roots obstruct the sewer line, addressing them before the repair is crucial. Tree roots find sewer lines for water, warmth, and nutrients. They can cause a variety of sewer problems if not addressed. 

Remove Clogged Drains 

Preparing for a sewer replacement also means removing clogs from your drains. You can also schedule a professional drain clean. Drain cleaning ensures any buildup in your drains is removed, increasing the efficiency of the sewer replacement process.

Removing clogged drains offers other benefits, such as reducing the risk of future sewer problems and other common home plumbing issues. You can then enjoy all the benefits of trenchless sewer replacements without further issues. 

Assess for Other Plumbing Issues

It is important to choose a reputable company for your trenchless sewer replacement. They will be able to identify if other structural issues should be addressed before the sewer replacement. They will also have the expertise and resources to efficiently repair your sewer system. 

Significant breaks in the sewer line or other structural issues could inhibit the efficiency of a trenchless sewer replacement. Ensure you address any other significant plumbing and structural issues before the trenchless sewer replacement.

Trenchless Sewer Replacement in Lacey, WA

There is no need to deal with sewer problems any longer. A trenchless sewer replacement is a convenient, cost-effective, sustainable, and efficient solution. Preparing your Lacey, WA, home will ensure the process is seamless.

You will not have to worry about delays to installation and other issues, such as digging up the sewer line. 

Olympic Plumbing Technology serves Lacey, WA, and the surrounding areas. We provide trenchless sewer replacement and other plumbing services. Contact us today to discuss your home sewer system needs with one of our experts.