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How safe do you think your water is?

Studies show that 87% of Americans prioritize clean drinking water over clean air. Without a water filtration system, metals, chemicals, and other pollutants contaminate your water. A proper water filtration system can help you produce clean water.

Besides cleaning, it improves the taste of your drinking water and keeps you healthy. Without a water filtration system, you’re drinking contaminated water.

Still on the fence about getting a water filtration system? Continue reading to find out the contaminants found in your water when not filtered.


Lead is a popular metal with high durability and resistance. Most public water systems use this material to distribute water. However, this means that there may be lead swimming in your drinking water.

Exposure to lead can cause minor to serious health issues. You can experience skin irritation and hair loss when exposed to a small amount. High blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases are the chronic illnesses you can get.

Places with high lead levels are New York, Washington, D.C, and Chicago. Corroded and damaged plumbing systems contaminate your water with lead.

The water carries the metal as it passes through the pipe to the faucet. If you’re experiencing plumbing issues, it’s best to address these immediately.


Chlorine is a bleaching agent often used in cleaning products disinfectants.

Water systems add chlorine into the water as an oxidant to control and remove bacteria. However, it puts your health at risk when ingested. Exposure to chlorine can result in dry skin and eye and nose irritation.

You can use a filtration system to reduce or remove chlorine. The ideal type of water filtration to apply is granular activated carbon. It attracts chlorine and other organic compounds.

The GAC traps the contaminants in pores, eliminating them through adsorption.


Many farmers use pesticides to protect their crops from diseases and insect infestation. However, this means it can make way to your water system as it travels through sewers.

Acute effects of pesticides include nausea, rashes, blindness, and more. Its effects may depend on its toxicity, concentration, and level of exposure.


Pharmaceutical refers to medicinal drugs to cure patients. Besides curing diseases, pharmaceuticals also include vaccination and alleviation of symptoms.

These medicines can reach your water systems because of improper disposal of manufacturers. Polluted water can look cloudy and cause negative side effects. Get a water filtration system to keep clean and healthy water for your house.

Your Drinks Without Water Filtration

A water infiltration system traps the contaminants, allowing you to enjoy clean water. It ensures your safety and of your family from unwanted diseases.

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