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Camera Scope Inspection

By July 13, 2016November 6th, 2022No Comments

What is Camera Inspection and do you need it?

Video camera scope inspection has become one of the most valuable tools and services the modern plumber has to offer anyone with plumbing problems. A camera scope is a small, waterproof camera mounted on a flexible rod, much like a plumbing snake. Typically these can be extended several hundred feet, fitting into pipes of most sizes, while transmitting images back to the technician at the other end and allowing for pipe inspection and diagnosis of any problems. This allows for a cost-effective, easy visual glance at pipes that would otherwise be inaccessible without taking drastic measures.

Camera inspection has a wide use of applications. In addition to the most obvious and common use, which is finding the source of stubborn drain blockages and clogs, it is also frequently used to inspect pipes for signs of damage or cracks or to check for signs of tree root intrusion. Camera inspection can also find objects that have accidentally fallen into the drain, whether those be unwanted objects that are causing a blockage or valuable items that would otherwise be irretrievable, such as lost pieces of jewelry.

It can also be a good idea when buying a home to arrange for a camera inspection to check for hidden damage or blockages that may not be detected otherwise. Another less common applications of camera inspections arise when doing bathroom or kitchen remodeling projects, depending on the scope of the remodel.

Whatever your inspection needs, Olympic Plumbing is available and equipped to check your pipes today.