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A Simple Step In Preventing Clogs

By March 1, 2017November 6th, 2022No Comments

How one small investment can save you money and heartache.

A clogged sink in any room can be frustrating and make simple tasks, like cleaning dishes or brushing your teeth, much more difficult. A clogged tub or shower makes washing harder when dirty water begins to pool around your feet. Simple, everyday things like food and hair can back up pipes and without being able to see down them, it’s hard to prevent a small problem from becoming a much bigger one. There is one step, however, that can be taken to prevent this altogether, and it can cost as little as a dollar. This is a sink strainer or a hair catcher.

Both of these items are designed to catch foreign objects before they slip down the drain. Most sinks in the kitchen will come with at least one sink strainer, but it may be advisable to install these in other areas around the house that may have unintended items frequently escaping down the pipes as well. Hair is a common problem in the bathroom and hair catchers of varying sizes can be used in both the sink and bathtub or shower to avoid clogs from shaven whiskers or loose hair, which tend to tangle and clump together. Some may even come with clever designs to play up your current decor.

Prevention is the best defense, and these items can help to defend your pipes by preventing clogs with little effort. However, when employing these, don’t forget to clean them out as well, especially in areas with food. If you haven’t used these yet and have currently found yourself with a clog, however, Olympic Plumbing has all the tools assist with removing these and tackling any other plumbing related problems.