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Even a small residential water heater can cause tens of thousands of dollars in property damage if it leaks. A broken water heater can flood your house and destroy your valuable property.

Conducting proper water heater maintenance is important, but it isn’t everything when it comes to securing the integrity of your water heater.

Detecting these five warning signs early can save you from having to deal with major broken hot water heater problems later on down the line. Read on to find out more.

1. Visible Leakage

If you notice visible leaks coming from either the top or bottom of your water heater, it is time to call a water heater service to get it inspected. Visible leaks are one of the most tell-tale signs of a water heater about to break.

Don’t wait around for your leaks to correct themselves, they will only get worse over time. You need to nip them in the bud right away to avoid catastrophic water heater failure.

Conduct regular water heater maintenance to avoid leaks and remedy them once they are detected.

2. No Hot Water Means a Broken Water Heater

While this one may seem obvious, it is one of the most common indications of a broken hot water heater. If you turn on the faucet or the shower and all that comes out is cold water it is time to check on your water heater.

Inconsistent water temperature or hot water that only lasts a few minutes are two other indications of a broken water heater. If you start shivering after 5 minutes in the shower, get your water heater inspected.

3. Discolored Water

If your water looks brown, full of particulate matter, or has a metallic smell the culprit may be your hot water heater.

Poor water quality from a hot water heater can lead to other plumbing issues and eventually require you to get a comprehensive drain cleaning done in your house.

Not only that, poor water quality can cause major negative health effects for you and your family. Even if you don’t drink the hot water from your water heater, it can still leach harmful chemicals into your pipes if it is faulty.

4. Your Water Heater Is Too Old

Even if your water heater is still operational, if it is too outdated it may soon break. Rather than risking a major flood event, you should replace it as soon as it becomes too old.

5. It Makes Strange Noises

It is normal for your water heater to make some noise, it is after all a complicated piece of machinery. If however, you hear loud knocking, grinding, banging, or rattling noises it may be time for an inspection.

Loud and erratic noises can be an indication that your water heater is on the fritz. Catch them early to avoid catastrophic failure and property damage.

Prevention Is Better Than Destruction

If you want to keep your valuables intact and your basement free from water, you need to recognize the signs of a broken water heater. If you have any doubts about your water heater you need a professional inspection.

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