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The plumbing industry is worth $128 billion. When there are constantly problems with drains, showers, washing machines, and more in your home, it’s no wonder that the plumbing industry is raking it in! One of the more popular plumbing services is drain cleaning. Not sure if you need a professional drain cleaner?

Read these five signs and you’ll know if it is time to hire one!

1. Standing Water

It’s probably happened to you often where you have water stuck in your shower or sink that just won’t seem to drain. Not only is this annoying when you’re washing dishes or trying to take a shower, but it could mean that there’s something going on with your pipes.

While there are times when you can try to unclog your drain yourself, if this keeps happening repeatedly, it’s time for you to call professional drain cleaning services.

2. Foul Odor Coming From the Drains

If you start to notice a weird smell coming from your drains, this is a pretty big problem. Not only because you don’t want to smell something gross all day, but it means there’s something wrong.

You may try to ignore it because the drains seem to be working fine, but that may not be the case in the areas that you cannot see. For instance, sewage could be building up in your pipes, or leftover, old, rotten food could be building up.

This takes special equipment to get rid of to clean out the drains. You will want the best drain cleaners in Lacey, WA to help you with that.

3. Overflowing Toilet

There may be times that you notice your toilet overflows, but it could be for good reason if you know what we mean. However, if it happens without any reason at all, this is a problem with the drainage lines.

With frequent overflows, you won’t want to wait too long to call drain cleaners or it will only get worse.

4. Unusual Sounds

You know what toilet flushing sounds like. You know what water draining down a drain sounds like.

If you notice weird sounds like slurping or gurgling, you’ll probably know that’s not normal. If you experience any weird sounds or unusual noises coming from your drains, there is a problem that should be fixed right away.

5. Water Backup

There’s nothing worse than finding water in your home near the toilet or near the washer and having no clue how it got there. This is especially true if it is dirty, gross-smelling water.

Working with a plumber to help figure out the source is better than dealing with it yourself as you may not know the root cause of the issue. Then, it’ll just happen again down the road. This can eventually lead to water damage that can make matters worse.

Hire a Professional Drainer

If you feel that these signs resonate with you, it’s time to hire a professional drain cleaner. They can do the dirty work for you (literally) and ensure that it doesn’t happen again any time soon!

At Olympic Plumbing, we want to ensure you feel comfortable in your home with everything running smoothly. Contact us today if you need any services!