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Being able to jump into action when there is a plumbing problem in your house is a talent that, once you know how, can save money and even save you from serious home damage. In fact, we encourage all to gain at least basic knowledge about how their home works.

But homeowners often become victims of their own mistakes when it comes to repairing plumbing damage.

How can you avoid this and still feel confident about getting stuck into plumbing maintenance? Well, read on to find out our 5 biggest plumbing maintenance mistakes.

1. Overusing Drain Cleaners

If you ever have a clogged drain, knowing you can go to the store and get a product to sort it out in a flash is a godsend. But did you know that overusing these products could be causing havoc for your plumbing installation?

Drain cleaners are filled with heavy-duty chemicals that used once in a while will have no damaging effects but if used time and again can eat away at your pipes, whether they are metal or PVC.

If you find yourself having consistent problems, go down a more natural route and use equal parts vinegar and baking soda.

2. Not Shutting off the Water

If you are the type of person to attempt a plumbing repair and not call a local plumber then you likely are quite confident that you can resolve the problem. However, this confidence is often what leads to our next plumber maintenance mistake: forgetting to turn off the water.

While it may seem like a five-minute job, not taking the precaution of using the shut-off valve at the closest point or cutting it off at the mains could be very costly.

Play it safe and be sure to turn off the water before you start to work. It’s also worth remembering that there will still be water in the system that will need to be drained before getting started.

3. Not Using the Right Tools

While it’s true that there are some home plumbing jobs that are easy quick fixes, some require more than your traditional wrench and screwdriver. In fact, using below-par tools can lead to further leaks and result in more issues for your plumbing.

If you are serious about conducting regular plumbing maintenance then it may be worth investing in some professional tools. However, in most cases, it is often best to just call in a plumber near me to begin with.

4. Forgetting How to Assemble a Faucet

Home plumbing jobs can often look easy and then take a quick turn. One very common example is taking apart a common water faucet. The job in itself is very easy to do, but it can quickly take a turn when reassembling it.

As many parts look similar, our suggestion would be to take pictures as you take it apart. Doing so will save you time and avoid you having a leaky faucet or affecting the water pressure in your home.

5. Overtightening Connections

When doing a plumbing repair in your home the last thing you want is for something to become loose or look shoddy down the line because you didn’t tighten it properly. For that reason, so many make the mistake of thinking that to do a job properly they need to turn it that little more just to be sure.

Remember though that in a residential plumbing system you are dealing with porcelain and other materials that can crack and end up damaging your appliances and pipes. Also, by doing so, you are making it extremely difficult for someone else the next time there is a need for plumbing maintenance.

A few turns more than finger tight is usually enough in most cases.

Get Your Home Plumbing Right Every Time

We hope our home plumbing tips will help you when facing the common plumbing issue for a homeowner. However, no matter how big or small the job is, there is nothing compared to the peace of mind provided by leaving it to the professionals.

We at Olympic Plumbing pride ourselves on providing the best plumbing services for those in Olympia and surrounding areas. Reach out to us today and see what we can do for you!