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When you’re facing plumbing problems, the last thing you want to do is hire the wrong person. But, hiring a plumber that’ll get the job done isn’t always easy.

What are some of the key things to consider before you hire someone? How can you make sure you’re making the right choice?

That’s why we’re sharing 5 crucial questions to help you find the best plumbing professional in town. Read on to learn more!

1. Are They Certified?

Not all plumbers are created equal.

Believe it or not, many self-professed plumbing pros don’t hold a professional license.

To work in the plumbing trade in the state of Washington, you must be certified by the Washington State Plumber Certification Program. But, this doesn’t mean everyone in the plumbing industry is actually certified.

So, how can you be sure that the company you hire is legit?

The simplest solution is to ask to see a copy of their plumber certificate. If they balk at your request or act suspiciously, you should probably think twice before hiring them to do your “dirty work”.

2. What Does the Estimate Include?

You’ll want to make sure that any potential hires provide an estimate for their services prior to entering into a contract. And, be sure to find out what their estimate includes.

In other words, does their estimation cover all potential costs? Or, is there a possibility they might tack on additional fees and charges as they go?

If they aren’t willing to guarantee the estimated costs up front, you could be looking at a bottomless plumbing bill in the very near future.

3. Are They Insured?

When hiring a contractor to perform work in or on your home, it’s important to find out if they’re insured. And, simply having plumbers’ insurance may not be enough to keep you out of hot water should damage occur during the plumbing process.

If they don’t have adequate coverage, you could wind up having to fork out big bucks should anything go wrong. Be sure to find out if their insurance would pay for any and all unforeseen problems that might occur. 

4. What Do Their Past Customers Say About Them?

If you really want to know about a plumber’s level of expertise, check out their past customer reviews.

Anyone who receives reviews that rank below 3 stars on a consistent basis probably shouldn’t make the final cut.

5. Do They Have Experience That’s Specific to Your Plumbing Issue?

They can garner all the five-star reviews in the world, but unless they’ve completed jobs similar to yours, you can’t be sure they’ll offer five-star service.

Make sure they know what they’re doing before they begin their work. If they lack experience dealing with your specific plumbing problem, it’s likely best that you keep looking.

Hiring a Plumber With All the Right Answers

Hiring a plumber in the Olympia, WA area might seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be.

We’re here to make sure that the job is done right. Are you dealing with plumbing problems? Look no further! 

If you want to be sure that your plumber is a true professional, let us help. Contact us today to hire your next plumber.