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Early spring is almost here in Olympia, WA. This means gorgeous blooms and better weather ahead. It’s also the most optimal time to clear your drains.

Summer is usually the season most people have to unclog their drains since sewer usage is heavy at this time. People have guests over, are more active, and generally place a greater load on drainage systems. If you book your cleaning in the spring, you can book ahead to beat this rush and to prevent clogged drains when you’ll be using them the most come summertime.

Could your drains use some work? Read on so we can help you diagnose the situation.

1. Clog in the Main Line

In Olympia, most drains lead to a main sewer line. This includes waste from your kitchen sink and bathroom. Generally, a homeowner will not be seeing much of this line, which is why it’s often the part that needs maintenance.

If the main sewer line has a clog or partial obstruction, waste will eventually clog there and back up to your other drains.

This phenomenon is most prevalent in condos and apartments, where one clog in the main line can back up drains in several units connected to that line.

If you’re overall conscientious about keeping your drains unclogged yet they keep getting clogged, you may want a professional to look at the main line. They will likely use a sewer drain snake to give the main drain a thorough clean-out.

To prevent further drainage problems in the future, make sure the main line is clear!

2. Hair and Grease

This is one of the biggest culprits of plumbing clogs we see.

We’ve dug up huge clumps of hair and grease in the kitchen and shower sinks.

These are relatively superficial clogs that can be prevented with some maintenance. Try investing in a hair sieve in the shower and make an effort not to flush hair down any of your drains. Dispose of as much grease as possible into your trash rather than your sink.

You can try Drain-o or other DIY options, but we always recommend springing for a professional to ensure the problem doesn’t come back.

3. Trees

Olympia has abundant greenery. Did you know, though, that tree roots can cause drainage issues?

The roots may grow down the line in the main sewers, but they can also grow upwards and clog your house’s drains. Watch your toilets on the ground floor. Do they stop up occasionally?

This may indicate that you have tree roots clogging up your plumbing system.

These root-caused clogs are hard for homeowners to deal with since they can be in hard-to-see areas.

4. Paper Down the Toilet

Be exceedingly wary of what you flush down the toilet. The list of what goes down there is pretty sparse: waste and toilet paper.

Anything else, even flushable baby wipes, should be going in the can. The most common clog causes we see are various paper products, such as diapers, tampons, paper towels, and wipes. For the health of your drains, toilet paper is the only flushable option.

Dealing With Clogged Drains in Olympia, WA

It’s time to get down to the roots of what is causing your clogged drains in Olympia.

This is what it comes down to: if you have a one-time issue, you can investigate to see if there’s food waste, hair, or paper waste clogging up your immediate drains.

If you have a recurring issue, you’ll want to contact a professional to investigate areas of your plumbing system that you cannot easily access.

Are you located in Olympia and looking for plumbing services? Feel free to give us a call!