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It has been a staggering 5,000 years since humans first invented indoor plumbing. Some of the ancient Egyptians had them, but it took another 4,500 years for someone to add a flush.

No doubt, as long as drains have existed, there’s been the fear of blockages. We all want to pretend like drains don’t exist because we can’t bear the thought of getting up close and personal with them. But how can you know if your drains are sending out a cry for help?

Let’s explore three signs that you need drain cleaning services, pronto!

1. Bad Odors

One of the most obvious signs that you need professional drain cleaning is the stench coming from your drains. When they’re working well, they take everything far away from our homes and keep them moving into the public sewerage system. But when home drainage systems get clogged, they can start to stink pretty quickly.

Occasionally, you’ll get a bad smell coming from a fixture you don’t use that often. This could mean that the p-trap has dried out, and noxious gasses are coming through. Trying to run the water for five minutes and see if the smell goes away.

You may think, why call professional drain cleaning services? A few pumps of a plunger or a bottle of drain cleaner from the hardware store are all you need. Sadly, some blockages are too tough for a DIY solution.

By all means, try them, but be careful with drain cleaning chemicals. They can be powerful and can damage your pipework if you use them too often. Sewage and plumbing experts use techniques and technology that get the job done without damaging your drains.

2. Slow Draining Sinks

Ever tried cleaning a slow-draining sink after shaving? It’s a long and frustrating process. If you find that your sinks are slow draining regularly in your bathroom or kitchen, you may need professional help.

First of all, try DIY regular plumbing maintenance by pouring hot water down the drain. That can help to melt any fatty deposits and get them on their way.

But if that’s not working, you can end up with standing water. That can put a serious strain on your plumbing. If the water’s going nowhere, you need drain cleaning services to get to the bottom of the issue.

3. Gurgling Noises

Air trapped in your pipes can create strange gurgling or sloshing noises as it moves around. If your drains let out some strange guttural sounds, don’t ignore them. Clean pipes drain quietly, so call in drain cleaning services to get rid of that debris.

Choose Olympic for Drain Cleaning Services

Whether your drains are slow, noisy, or smelly, don’t suffer in silence. Recognize these cries for help and call drain cleaning services as soon as possible.

At Olympic Plumbing Technology, we have 15 years of experience in getting the drains of Olympia, Lacey, and Tumwater, WA, flowing freely. Wherever you live in the South Sound area, we’re the people to trust to get things moving again.

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