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The Cautious Consumer

Beware products that advertise ease at the expense of your plumbing

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Cleaning Without Chemicals

No cleaners? No problem! Here are some home solutions for bathroom cleaning.

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About Hard Water

Information on hard water and scale buildup.

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Spring Cleaning: Plumbing Edition

The time for spring cleaning is here so don't forget the plumbing!

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A Simple Step In Preventing Clogs

How one small investment can save you money and heartache.

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Stranger Things

Just a few examples of the crazy things plumbers have found on the job

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Remodel For Good

How much water could you be saving?

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Cold Weather Action Plan: Pipes

Steps to help protect your pipes during extreme cold

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Why is Thanksgiving So Busy for Plumbers?

Here's how to avoid a Thanksgiving plumbing disaster!

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Fall Plumbing Tips

Take care of your pipes before the weather freezes!

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Older Posts

Hydro Jet Cleaning

What is Jet Cleaning?

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Camera Scope Inspection

What is Camera Inspection and do you need it?

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Signs it is Time for Drain Cleaning

How do you know when you need a professional drain cleaning? Here are the warning signs!

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Four DIY Steps to Cleaning a Clogged Kitchen Sink

Easy solutions to a common household problem

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Ten Items to NEVER Put Down the Drain

Ten easy tips to avoid major plumbing hassles

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Garbage Disposals

Clogged Disposals

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Plumbing Problems

Common Summer Plumbing Problems

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Tankless Hot Water Heater

Maintaining Your Tankless Water Heater

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